Thursday, March 02, 2006

Missing in Action...........

Got to add these: my favourite Teutonic troublemakers, Rrrrrrammstein, are hereby awarded the Iron Cross for their appearance at the Motor records do in Berlin last year. They performed at the event in full army gear, and better still, womens' army gear. Our Brunhildes from Berlin wore make up and wigs to boot! Double subversion! Ooooh! And what a bunch of stunners they are! In addition, big shout out through the camp tannoy to Private Jamelia for her army-barmy 'See it in a boys eyes' video, in which our lass wears just the right shade of green to get her packed off to Iraq (and you can watch a low quality version of the vid here).
And that's the end of it, troopers, I promise. At ease!

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